Ab Workouts for Women

In reality, workouts aren't classified based on gender. However, there are some exercises that have more appeal to a certain gender. For instance, many women want to try different ab workouts for women. Women tend to get bored easily with workouts so ab workouts for women need to vary and be as mobile as possible. While this isn't true for all women, most women like exercises inclined to dancing and stretching. They like movements that bring out their gracefulness even when they're under pressure. It's possible to come up with ab workouts for women that veer away from the traditional crunches. The rib slide that should be incorporated in ab workouts for women is inspired by belly dancing movements. This move sculpts the abs while bringing out the innate sensuality in women. The rib slide is a basic move in belly dancing. It targets the tectus abdominus and obliques. This means that the rib slide will help a lot in eliminating love handles. Stand with your feet together and put your hands on your hips. Move your ribs from left to right, taking care not to move your hips and shoulders. Bring it back to the center before moving on to the next direction. The V-Up to back extension is one of the ab workouts for women that are truly intense because your abdominal muscles will be carrying your whole body to make it form into a V. This is one of the ab workouts for women that many gymnasts use. Start by laying flat on the floor with your ams and legs extended. Reach your hands to your feet by flexing your hips and torso. Keep your arms and legs straight while doing this. Roll onto your abdominal section immediately and extend the arms and the legs. Think of a superman position. The challenge here is to keep the hands and feet off the floor when you transition from a V position to a superman position. If you are fond of ab workouts for women that are inspired by yoga, then this move is for you. Try this variation of the bridge pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana). Lie on the mat, with heels hip-width apart, knees over ankles, and arms beside your body. Gradually raise your pelvis up to the ceiling. While doing this, draw your tailbone to your heels. Your inner thighs should be going closer to each other. Use your arms and press them to lift your spine up. Leave your shoulders, head, and feet to the floor. This not only tones the abdominal muscles, it also strengthens the back and the glutes. There are always ab workouts for women that will work for every personality. The key is to find ab workouts that mimic the movement of your favorite activity or sport.