Dealing With Holiday Stress

It's ironic how the joyous holidays can turn into a gut-wrenching and stressful one. Parties, gifts, decorations, and vacation getaways fight for a spot in your schedule. Dealing with holiday stress is really important because all the festivities and presents will not be enjoyed to the fullest if you are drowning in stress. Stress can even bring out the holiday Grinch in you.   The first step in dealing with holiday stress is by keeping it real. Face the reality that there will be a big possibility that you will not be able to go to every holiday event, participate in every bake sale, or give everyone gifts. If you fill your plate too much, you will only resent the festivities. One of the best things to do when dealing with holiday stress is to learn how to prioritize. Even having fun needs to be prioritized. Who are the most important people that need to receive the gifts? Which Christmas parties are worth attending? Clashing events are really unavoidable during the holidays. When such situations arise, the best way in dealing with the holiday stress is to know things in your schedule are most important. You should block time for this as early as possible. Write it down on the calendar to give it a sense of permanence. Another way of dealing with holiday stress is to avoid procrastination. All procrastinators say that they get a certain high when they rush things but the truth is that the adrenaline rush is just unnecessary stress. Dealing with holiday stress requires planning and discipline to stick to that plan. You can still retain spontaneity during the holidays but you cannot survive the holidays without a little structure. Having a schedule will motivate you to accomplish your tasks. Your best weapon in dealing with holiday stress is good health. Your body is the primary mover in all the holiday hullaballoo so you ought to take care of it. Alcohol is especially tempting during the holidays but by all means, avoid having more than two hung-over days in a week. Schedule your drinking wisely. Make time for exercise, even just for 30 minutes. Even if the rum cake smells good, don't forget your supply of fruits and vegetables. Finally, the divide-and-conquer strategy is classic in dealing with holiday stress. Suggest a kris-kringle with groups of friends to save money. Instead of eating out, opt for potluck parties. Even the shopping list can be a divide and conquer feat. Holidays are busy but don't let the rush of things affect you negatively because holidays are meant to be enjoyed.