Healthy Holiday Recipes

The holiday season is the time of the year when you don't think of your waistline. But for the more health conscious vacationers out there, there are alternatives to the usual fat-filled holiday feast. Healthy holiday recipes will give you the chance to keep your waistline at a manageable size when the New Year rolls around. Healthy holiday recipes will help you stay on the weight that you want without starving yourself in during the holiday season. Healthy holiday recipes don't have to leave out the good food that you can eat during the holidays. You can still eat your favorite ham and desserts during the Christmas season. All you have to do is stay within the limits of the calories that you would like to eat per day. Healthy holiday recipes will help you stay in shape despite the holiday cheer. But if you really want to get a hold of healthy holiday recipes here are a few recipes you can enjoy in the holidays: Winter Squash Risotto Healthy holiday recipes are not complete without this tasty dish of squash. You can conjure up this meal with a combination of squash and shiitake mushrooms mixed with risotto. This healthy holiday dish will help you stay healthy but will also make your taste buds tingle. Roasted Fall Vegetables in Cheddar Crust This is a scrumptious tart that has a cheddar cheese crust filled with healthy leeks, fennel, broccoli or sprouts. You can add other vegetables to this healthy holiday appetizer. This healthy holiday treat will help you stay in shape and give you enough leeway to indulge yourself a bit for the holiday season. Orange Roasted Duck Who says all you can eat for a healthy holiday meal are just fruits and vegetables? You can still eat meat when you prepare your healthy holiday recipes. You can eat duck for your holiday feast. You can mix the duck with an orange marmalade to bring out the richness of duck meat. This is an irresistible tasty dish that you can prepare for the holiday season. Farro with Pistachios & Herbs Healthy holiday recipes include a fine mix of salads for you to indulge in. you can stir pistachios and parsley to form a scrumptious salad that you will definitely enjoy. The nutty flavors and the crunchiness will form a sensation of different tastes in your mouth. Remember, you can still enjoy your holiday season by eating right. Just take note of the above-mentioned recipes to help you maintain your healthy lifestyle during this festive time of the year.