In Shape City and In Shape Health Club

Here's a question we get asked a lot: "What is the difference between InShape Health Clubs or InShape City and you guys at World Gym Tracy?" That's a natural question when you're trying to decide on a gym to join. You want to find the place where you know that your needs will be best met before you make a committment. We are really proud of our facility, our staff, and especially our members. Our number one priority is creating and maintaining an exciting and effective environment, one that supports our members in every way possible as they reach their fitness goals. So rather than do a side-by-side comparison, let me take this opportunity to let you know about some of the really awesome things World Gym Tracy can offer you. Our Membership Rates are the Lowest in Tracy! Not only are our rates the lowest in Tracy, but we do not have contracts, we are month to month. We know many people are reluctant to join a gym because they get locked in to long contracts which are almost impossible to get out of. We don't operate that way. We want you to be here because YOU want to be here! We also offer a variety of different plans to meet your needs, including single and family membership plans, senior membership plans, corporate membership plans and Fire, Sheriff, and Law Enforcement Plans. You Can Try Us Out for Free! If you'd like to see first hand what being a member would be like, CLICK HERE to get a free 7-day pass. We Are Family Owned and Operated! We are a family owned and operated gym, and we believe that our members are a part of our family. Our facilities are exceptionally clean with state-of-the-art equipment. All New Members Recieve One Complimentery Session With Our Certified World Gym Trainers! We have national body building competitors as our personal trainers who know that setting fitness goals and creating a fitness program is really important for success, but it can be difficult to do if your not a trained fitness professional. Also when new members join a gym they can be overwhelmed by the equipment and my even use the equipment improperly which can result in injury. BUT with just one session with our trainers, you will leave with the knowledge of proper use of equipment, a personal goal assessment, and a personalized detailed fitness program. Aerobics Classes are FREE to Members! Aerobics is a fun way to better cardiovascular conditioning. Aerobics classes are held Monday thru Saturday in our 2,000 foot aerobic studio, complete with hardwood spring floor. We offer Zumba, Yoga/Pilates, Step/Core, Get Ripped, and Cardio Kick. Child Care is FREE of Charge to All Members! Children three months to 12 years old are welcome. Activities include video games, movies, jungle gym, games and puzzles. World Gym is the Largest in Tracy! World Gym is Tracy's largest (16,000 sq.ft.) and most complete fitness facility for your entire family. We have Life Fitness treadmills, bikes and cross trainers, Precor transports and stair masters, Icarian, Flex, Cybex and Hammer strength selectorized machines and tons of free weights. World Gym Members Receive Discounts on Premium Services! If you're a member of World Gym Tracy, you will enjoy steep discounts on premium services such as Tae Kwon Do and Tanning - these discounts are NOT offered to non-members! If what we've just described sounds good to you, don't hesitate - CLICK HERE to join the World Gym Tracy family. With the lowest rates in Tracy and no cumbersome contracts, you really have nothing to lose! However, if you would rather experience World Gym Tracy in person before coming to a decision, that's no problem! CLICK HERE to get a 7 day free pass. We can't wait to see you!