Interval Training – Get More for Less

The holiday season is rapidly approaching. It's a time of year when the already busy schedule gets even busier. Fitting exercise into that schedule can be a challenge. That's where interval training may help. Even if you only have 20 minutes to spend at the gym, interval training can give you more benefit in less time. Interval training is the system of increasing effort for a short period of time and then backing off of that extra effort for the same amount of time. Many people like one minute on and one minute off.  For instance, if you were on a stationary bike and you normally go at a certain speed with interval training you would increase that speed for a minute or two and then drop back to the normal speed a minute or two. You would repeat that sequence several times. Whether you can increase a lot and really go hard or you can only increase a little you will still get more benefit from the workout using this interval training strategy. Studies have shown that after only two weeks of utilizing this strategy subjects showed improvement in their ability to use oxygen and in their muscle's use of oxygen. In addition this method burns more fat and calories and also increases the rate of burning calories in the recovery phase. So if you find yourself with less time to put in at the gym this time of year, you may want to check out interval training as a strategy to get the most out of every workout.