Old Training Methods Are Making A Comeback With Great Results

 Medicine ball training is one of the oldest forms of strength and conditioning training. This tried and true training is experiencing renewed popularity. A Medicine Ball is simply a weighted exercise ball that can be used by one person or with a partner – both get great results.

Have a training buddy?  This is a workout worth checking out! •    Russian Twist – with a twist: Stand back to back with your partner. Pass the ball to each other by twisting side to side, ball at stomach height. Do this for about 2 minutes as fast as you can go, then rest. Repeat once more but pass the pall in the other direction. Great for working the obliques, but also works the abs and core. •    Up and Under: Using a partner, you can work out your legs, abs and arms all at the same time with the medicine ball. Stand back to back, feet apart, with one partner holding the medicine ball. Both partners bend down and the first partner hands the medicine ball through his legs to the second partner. The second partner receives the medicine ball and lifts it over his head and back, handing it off again to the first partner, who repeats the motion of putting the ball between his legs for another hand off. Repeat the motions 10 to 15 times, then rest and switch to hand off in the other direction. The combination of lifting the weighted ball and crouching down to pass it off creates resistance in the arms and legs as well as the abdomen for an effective full-body workout. •    Medicine Ball Sit-Ups: Sit with knees bent, facing one another, about 4 to 6 feet apart. The person with the ball lies back with ball overhead. Bring the ball overhead and throw the ball and contract your abs as you sit up. Aim for just above your partner’s head. As the ball is caught, the partner lowers back to the ground. Now continue to throw back and forth 10-15 times. Be sure to use your abs (not your arms) as you rise up. Repeat the set once more. •    Medicine Ball Side Tosses: Stand sideways, about 4 feet from your partner who should also be standing sideways  to your left. With straight arms, holding the ball with both hands, bring the ball to your side opposite partner and toss across your body to your partner. The ball should be at about stomach/chest height and is a great way to train your obliques. Your partner then catches the ball and throws it back to you using the same technique (only starting from his side opposite you). Do this for 10-15 times each and then switch places with your partner so you work both sides.