Piloxing is a brand new workout that has taken Hollywood by storm. Celebreties such as Hillary and Haley Duff, Alexis Bledel, and Vanessa Hudgens all LOVE and endorse Piloxing. Piloxing combines Boxing, Pilates and Dance to from a unique cardio workout combining all the power moves of boxing for that intense cardio to burn calories, however it incorporates lots of pilates movements into it as well to help tone and strengthen! 1/2 lb gloves are worn on each hand also to really help tone! Piloxing is the creation of Swedish sweetheart Viveca Jensen. She is a trained dancer, a trained boxer and a Master Pilates trainer. That girl is fierce. Instead of kicks, Piloxing uses balance and core work, which is very similar to "barre work" (if you are familiar with that sort of thing). Basically, your legs are going to burn like you have never felt them burn before. The essence of Piloxing is accuracy and control. In Piloxing, you are using power. Your form is everything. Piloxing is about focus, whether it is hook punches or uppercuts, your boxing skills will greatly improve! Here are some of the testimonials from Piloxing students: "Why are those pants so big on you?" Those are the most beautiful words I've heard in a few years. I owe it all to Piloxing. After giving birth to my first child via C-section , everything hurt and my body didn't feel "right" anymore. My core was shot and I needed help, stat. That's when I discovered Piloxing. My first day, I stood in the back of class tugging at my too tight T-shirt as beautiful fit women walked in. I waited for the smirks or the attitudes I had seen at other gyms, but they never came. The music started, everyone started punching, dancing, and having a great time. The instructor had amazing energy and made sure everyone got the guidance they needed. By the end of class, I was on an endorphin high, having done the best cardio and strength-training workout in a long time." A friend of mine who is a little scared to try Piloxing once said "I saw those girls come out of Piloxing. They were dripping with sweat!" I said, "Yeah, they had a blast. Did you notice the smile on their faces?" That pretty much sums up Piloxing. You'll sweat your booty off, but you'll have a blast doing it. The only downside? You might need to buy a new, smaller sized wardrobe. Zoila "Piloxing has totally transformed my body! It's a positive and motivating environment with great energy. I'm totally addicted!" Haley Duff Actress/Singer "Sleek, Sexy, Powerful" PILOXING