(All Testimonials are real, verifiable, and on file) "I’ve been coming to world gym for like a year already and it has helped a lot! I lost a lot of weight in the year I’ve been in here. I used to weight 250 pounds and I now weight 160. This gym is really good to getyour workouts done and get in shape quick! The staff is really good, helpful,and the weight training andcardio is really good too! So come check it out you guys." - Francisco C.  
I am a member of World Gym. In my few years here all the staff has been outstanding. I am usually bugging them for ice and they actually anticipate my requests for ice now. Don't have to ask. I ordered product from Christine and there were a couple issues with the items ordered and she went out of her way to make sure I was compensated and very happy. Dan is always helpful when I visit, we share information on work outs and how to continue to progress here during each visit. I could go on and on about each member of the staff. Anyway, that said....It's awesome!!" - Christian B.  
"World Gym is the best gym in Tracy. The weights are always racked in the proper place, there is rarely a wait to use a piece of equipment. The cleanliness is impeccable; the staff is friendly and helpful whenever you need it. The atmosphere is great, everyone in the gym is willing to help each other out. I highly recommend everyone to join the best gym in town!!!" - Brandon V.  
"This by far is the best gym in Tracy when meeting and maintaining your health care goals. They have the best top quality equipment to work every part of your body. Not to mention the clean, friendly environment. The staff is well educated and are there to help when needed. This gym provides the motivation needed to be successful in a non-intimidting setting. I am very satisfied with my membership as World gym provides everything I need to stay fit!" - Madri S.  
"It's a gym for real weightlifters; it's not one of those pussy gyms like Planet Fitness. It's the real deal for people who are serious, and it's not for people who goes there temporarily because of New Year resolution." - Ben G.  
"Best gym in tracy, i am a former member of INSHAPE and with todays economy and being a single father of two plain and simple it just became too expensive. love this place , NO CONTRACT , FREE CHILD CARE , 15$ A MONTH....IM IN! STAFF IS VERY HELPFUL , all of them from the child care to the sales guy and the front desk staff, i cannot ask for more! the overall gym is awesome , ITS NOT A SOCIAL CLUB!!!!!! in other words your not waiting for machines while some kid sits there on his or hers cell phone and just takes up space....most of all ITS CLEAN! AND ORGANIZED! AND THE PLACE IS HUGE!" - Rick K.  
"I love this gym! The staff is friendly and the gym is very clean. I've worked out at several different gyms over the years, and this one is by far my favorite. They have a wide variety of equipment, and the management seems to care about the members. Overall, it's a great place to workout and many are there to seriously get their sweat on." - Kimber K.  
"I would like to say that my experience with Worlds Gym Tracy has been nothing but great. I was a member of another local gym for many years. Because of the equipment, atmoshere and staff I made the switch to Worlds several years ago. Some people say "a gym is just a gym", but to me it's my second home. Kent, Marie, Sean and Christine and staff have always treated me like family and I'm very grateful for that. So I have enrolled my two sons and have recommended Worlds Gym to all my friends. If you want to get serious results.....become a family member of Worlds Gym Tracy. Thanks for everything, Train Heavy!!!!!!!!!!" - Tyrone"
"Over the last thirty one years, I've had memberships to at least a dozen Gyms and Health Clubs. There is no doubt that World Gym of Tracy Ca., (owner, staff and facility) is far and above the best I've experienced as well as easily the best locally offered. The atmosphere is always conducive to success no matter what level of goals and achievement you have mapped out for yourself. The staff is always willing to help you with those goals and the facility has everything necessary to meet your health and fitness needs. At World Gym of Tracy the biggest limiting factor to your success is how hard you want to work!" - Steve Ditzenberger
"Love this place! World Gym is family owned,and the environment they provide is friendly and comfortable. The members are courteous and respectful. The staff are always willing to answer questions and they work hard to keep the environment clean. The equipment is well kept and maintained. I definitely prefer World Gym over any larger gym by far." - Brooke R.  
"I’ve been a member of World Gym in Tracy for the last few years. I used to belong to In Shape, but much rather World Gym! I love the family owned atmosphere, the cleanliness of the gym, and most of all fellow members. I always see staff working hard on helping customers and the cleaning of the facility. They really take good care of the place. Another big perk is the fact that the daycare services are free, along with the aerobics classes! Not to mention when you join you get to meet with a personal trainer and get a free session. A workout designed for you! Really good gym for those looking to get a GOOD workout in at their convenience. Great hours..." -Tatianna S.
"Worlds gym is great! It has everything I need to better myself as a person and an athlete. Their so helpful." - Casey W.
"World Gym of Tracy is hands down the best gym in town. A super nice staff, a facility with the right equipment, good music, free and friendly daycare staff. And its an affordable price. Never going anywhere else." - Rich A.
I have been going to this gym for about 2 months now and I love it. The gym floor is mostly filled with weights (machines & free weights) and there is a section of cardio machines- treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, stair machines and a couple of arc trainers. The cardio area is small, but even on the busiest days, I've never had an issue with getting a machine. They also offer a variety of classes like Zumba and they just added yoga! Child care is available but at varied/limited hours. They offer tanning and have a massage therapist on site (these are not included in the basic membership fees) They also have a smoothie bar and offer a variety of bottled protein drinks too. I have tried a couple of the fat burner smoothies and they are very good (you get 40% off with check in!) The staff is always friendly and the place is very clean! Most importantly I feel very comfortable here, It's got big gym perks with a small gym feel. - Reina M.
Best free weight arrangement in the valley hands down!  clean, organized, and good staff. The other perks in this gym is the FREE kids club!! - Erle D.
World Gym is great! It has everything I need to better myself as a person and an athlete. There so helpful. - Erik T.
My husband and I just joined World Gym and we LOVE it! We toured the In-Shape Facility on 11th before we committed to World Gym and were super disappointed with the staff from the get go! The folks at World Gym are helpful and personable! Best thing is, it is an affordable gym with FREE childcare. While it does lack a lot of amenities like pool, sauna, etc., it is a REAL gym. People are there to work out and it is very motivating. I just wish they would add a Spin class into their list of classes and then it would be perfect in my eyes! – Brittany I.
This was my first time here and I feel in love with it. I visit family in Tracy 1-2 weekends a month and hate missing a workout. I tried other gyms in the area and have not been too impress with other gym's equipment and rates. World's gym popped up on yelp so I decided to check it out. KC help me out at the front and provided me with a 5 day guest pass to check it out. One of my favorite gym by far. This gym is small but big at the same time. All I do is lift. I don't mess around with fancy machines or need any bells and whistle. I just want to get in, lift hard, and get on with my day. That is what World's gym is able to offer me. If you can't get a full workout with the weights and equipment that they have here, you really do not belong in a gym. No lie. Everything is organize, weights are reracked by the members (thank god!). They have all the benches you need from flat, incline, decline, and half back seats. They have power racks, smith machines, isometric machines and even an area for Olympic weight lifting. I spoke to KC for a little bit and he was very friendly and genuine. He was honest about his gym and was very proud of it. Just based on his customer service alone, I am definitely calling the manager to see if I can work out a deal and see what I can do to come back to this gym. Bottom line, if you are looking for a friendly place to get in shape and don't have to go to In-shape, check out World's gym. Even on my way out, one of the members kindly approach me and just talked about how much he loved this gym. I will be back tomorrow to take advantage of my 5 day pass. Check out this local gym and support a local business. – Tony N.
What an awesome gym! I was in Tracy for business & wanted to put in a workout in a real gym instead of the crummy hotel gym so I did a search on Yelp. The pics & reviews of this gym looked great so I thought why not?! Man, am I glad I came. Guest pass was $5.00 bucks, super cheap. I've been charged as high as $30 for a guest pass at an inferior gym in Boston so World Gym Rules! I like that this is a no frills gym. Nothing fancy. Just the iron. The place was clean. The equipment look to be well maintained. The place didn't smell bad, including the locker room & restroom. The staff was friendly. I even got a free 16oz smoothie for my Yelp check-in. How awesome is that?! I was in such a good mood that I ended up working out for almost 2 hrs, trying out all the equipment. I came back the following morning for another workout. – Michael L.
Came here for my 1st time today. What a great gym. Located next to a Laundromat and has full range of amenities for a working professional looking to stay fit on the go. Staff was very friendly and professional especially Brianna! My favorite in Tracy so far! – Luke L.
World Gym is clean and has great equipment and staff.  Don't know where to start? Speak with Diedra and she'll introduce to the Gym all it has to offer.  This gym also has a well kept secret - Ed Hunting.  Ed is one of the best personal trainers in the central valley.  He is professional, personable, concerned and effective.  He'll work to establish the regimen that's right for you.  And he put's in 110%.  Hopefully, you will too.  If you're serious about improving your health & physique then this is the gym for you! – Clemonce H.
I joined many gyms and this is hands down the best gym I ever joined! Right away Diedra was so helpful and sweet and made me and my little sister so comfortable. I can’t imagine a sweeter person than her. If you are nervous to join a gym where you don't know anyone please consider this gym! Speak to Diedra and I promise you will be at ease! Every staff is awesome and friendly! I got too trained personally with Juan & Kaylie and they are both amazing trainers! Super friendly and made us totally motivated to get moving and work it! I love it!!! So get off your tush and join it! – Kimmi N.
I've been a member at this gym for the past two years. The place is clean with great equipment and the staff is all nice and friendly. In the pass month I've had the pleasure of working out with a trainer name Ed. He is an amazing motivator who will push you to your limit and push you some more. Ed has flexible hours and his workouts in his program changes. He is friendly but professional and you will guarantee see results I have. I almost forgot to mention Deidra. She's so helpful and knowledgeable in fitness and what you put in your body. I am taking this protein powder supplement that tastes great and filling. If you’re looking for a fitness trainer call World Gym and ask for Ed. – Shavon W.
This gym has everything I need to get a good workout in.  Ample weights and cardio machines that even during peak hours I never have trouble using.  The gym is always clean and the staff are all friendly and greet me every time I walk in.  I like that the group exercise courses are included in the reasonable month to month fee, and you can opt to sign up without a contract!! Being the novice gym attendee I am I decided to opt for a PT to help me learn the ropes and work toward my fitness goals.  Kaylie is great, she always works with my crazy schedule and I feel like I leave with a great workout accomplished! All in all the staff and gym are a great. A lot of bang for your buck! – Danielle M.
I Joined World Gym in January and I've had all wonderful experiences. Diedra is very helpful and has made everything very easy and comfortable for me. Love the variety of knowledgeable trainers. I've personally been working with Kaylie and she's awesome. I've learned a lot from her in just a short few months. If you’re looking for a clean and friendly gym I highly recommend World Gym 😉 ohhh and I can't forget the daycare is wonderful (;  They are very well priced as well. – Trisha S.
I joined this gym in Dec with the determination to lose weight. I was 333 pounds. I wasn't sure if I was going to stay living in Tracy so I didn't want to get into a year contract. The manager worked with me. There are some serious weightlifters there but never did I feel looked down on as I continued to do cardio and weights. Long story short I am now 285 and still losing, people are just as friendly and I notice that people at this gym do not come to hang out, men and women come to work out. Which is a great inspiration. Staff is great. People are nice and it's a real gym. - David R.
I have had several gym memberships in the past but never really stuck with a workout routine. It got too hot to walk outside in Tracy so I decided to give World Gym a try, and I'm sooooo glad I did. I started out with the Zumba class, figuring I'd go 1-2 times a week. Best Zumba class I've ever taken--so much fun, great music and energy. Now I'm hooked on it and have been going 4-5 times a week without fail. I gave myself shin splints, I'm so into it! I added personal training to the mix to increase my calorie burn and tone up faster. The trainers are motivating and helpful. The results have been awesome so far. I'm getting more buff, I have more energy and even though I haven't lost pounds yet people say I look like a new person! Really grateful for the folks at World Gym. Lots of equipment, good hours/schedule, the place is clean, staff is friendly. What more could you want? - Fauna L.
Been coming to this gym since it was called Golds Gym. Your like family here.. I've checked out all the other gyms in Tracy and hands down Worlds Gym is by far the best. - Jerry N.
Great Gym. Comfortable atmosphere. Great trainers. Ed was my trainer before I become pregnant and I lost 14 pounds. He was still my trainer after I became pregnant. He modified my workouts and helped me maintain a healthy weight. I had my baby two weeks ago and I love my body. I am ready to go back and start new sessions with him. Thank you Ed. You rock and so does your significant other!!!!!!!! - Aine L.

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